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Did you know you now need to be carrying certain equipment even for vessels less that 7 metres?


Info taken from MSN 1871 Amendment 1 (F)

CHECK LIST OF REQUIREMENTS for OPEN Vessels less than 7 metres (L)


  • Lifejackets – 1 per person    

  • 1 Lifebuoy (with 18 metre buoyant line attached)     

  • 2 Parachute Flares    

  • 2 Hand-held Flares    

  • 1 Smoke Signal, buoyant or hand held    

  • 1 Fire Bucket + Lanyard    

  • 1 Multi-purpose Fire Extinguisher (fire rating 5A/34B) – if vessel has in-board engine (extinguisher should be capable of dealing with all fire types, including hydrocarbons)

  • 1 Fire Blanket (light duty) if vessel has galley or cooking area    

  • 1 Satellite EPIRB or Personal Locator Beacon(s) - 1 per person    

  • VHF Radio – DSC fixed, or hand held.    

  • Bailer     

  • Approved Navigation Lights & Sound Signals    

  • Anchor and cable/warp    

  • Compass    

  • Waterproof Torch    

  • Medical Kit in accordance with The Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessels (Medical Stores) Regulations 1995 No.1802 or any superseding regulations    

  • Radar Reflector   

  • CO Alarms for every enclosed space that has a fired cooking or heating appliance or where engine exhausts penetrate the wheelhouse or crew space  


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